About Us

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Christian Stronghold is a Bible believing, preaching, teaching, practicing church.

  • We Believe...

    The Bible to be the inspired Word of God and our only infallible authority.

  • We Believe...

    We are commissioned by our Savior to... “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” We want to witness effectively in Philadelphia and to all parts of the world in our Missionary Program.

  • We Believe...

    The Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible should have the place of pre-eminence in the church, home and each person’s life. By doing this, there is a happy, useful and victorious Christian testimony.

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    We Believe...

    The Lord Jesus Christ has left a legacy of joy to all that would commit their life to Him. We believe in being happy here on earth and through all eternity.

As a Member of Christian Stronghold:

You will be taught from the Bible how to:

    Know the Lord Jesus Christ
    Help others to know God
    Deal with problems
    Have a happy marriage
    Enjoy being single
    Overcome worry, nervousness, and fear
    Develop your God given gifts and abilities (natural and spiritual)

Advantages of Being a Member of Christian Stronghold Include:

  • Friendships

    You will develop friendships with other people who love the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Prayer

    You will pray with us in a powerful Wednesday night prayer meeting. This meeting is well attended.

  • Be of Service

    You can serve God. Our church provides an effective way for carrying on Christ’s work.

  • You can give to God’s work.

    We only have one offering at our worship services. We do not sell or beg to raise money for the church. We believe in tithes as prescribed by God in the Bible.

  • Counseling

    You will receive Deacon and Pastoral counseling when needed.

  • Edification

    We will try to help build you up.