Marriage for a Lifetime Getaway!

  Posted: 9/1/17      Events

Exclusively for MARRIED COUPLES, this four day getaway in Virginia is your ticket to rekindling romance with your life long love. Conducted by Dr. Willie Richardson and Sister Patricia Richardson, experience this getaway to learn how to enjoy marriage for a lifetime. Please read the brochure for full event details and registration information.

The Joy of an Angel Tree Christmas

  Posted: 11/7/16      Deadlines

As part of our commitment to our community, Alpha CDC along with Christian Stronghold Church will be involved in a Christmas gift giving program called "Angel Tree". This is one of our exciting year-round programs to the community. Christmas can be a lonely time for children who are separated from their parents. While hoping for presents they probably won’t get, the season meant for joy turns sour and sad. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Through Angel Tree, a ministry of Christian Stronghold Church and Alpha CDC (Community Development Corporation), we can deliver the Christ-love of Christmas to children. There will be a Christmas Tree in the foyer decorated with paper angels. On each angel is written a gift request from a child. You, the Church, buy gifts and the Alpha CDC Prison Ministry will deliver them on behalf of the Church and in the name of Jesus. Tree available at CSC on Sunday, November 26th.

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