Fighting Fat W/Faith, Facts, Food & Fitness, Saturday, Feb. 3rd

  Posted: 1/11/18      Announcements

Need to take control of your health? Register for the next CRD Better Living Seminar (registration link below). Topics will include: How to develop a better relationship with food | How obesity is dangerous for everyone | How to shop and make better food choices at your local market, how to select better menu options at restaurants and how to prepare tasty recipes How to better balance energy in and energy out.

Marriage for a Lifetime Getaway!

  Posted: 9/1/17      Events

Exclusively for MARRIED COUPLES, this four day getaway in Virginia is your ticket to rekindling romance with your life long love. Conducted by Dr. Willie Richardson and Sister Patricia Richardson, experience this getaway to learn how to enjoy marriage for a lifetime. Please read the brochure for full event details and registration information.

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