Christian Stronghold Church hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year. Our ministries plan programs, classes, luncheons, conferences, outreach, community meetings, special events, fellowship gatherings, plays, musical performances and much more. Most events and all worship services are open to the public.

 Featured Events

 Scheduled CSC Events

Event Title Date Wkday Time
  Money for College: A Financial Aid Workshop9/23/17Sat8:30AM
  Practice SAT9/23/17Sat8:30AM
  Exhortation Anniversary Something About That Name9/24/17Sun7:00PM
  Church Bible Institute (CBI) Classes9/24/17Sun4:15PM
  Bible Study - 7:30PM / Prayer Meeting - 8:30PM9/27/17Wed7:30PM
  WOW DAY!9/30/17Sat7:30AM
  Holy Communion Worship Service10/1/17Sun7:00PM
  Church Bible Institute (CBI) Classes10/1/17Sun4:15PM
  Bible Study - 7:30PM / Prayer Meeting - 8:30PM10/4/17Wed7:30PM
  2017 Women's Retreat Declaring God and Making Him Known10/6/17Fri
  Evening Baptismal Worship Service10/8/17Sun7:00PM
  Bible Study - 7:30PM / Prayer Meeting - 8:30PM10/11/17Wed7:30PM
  Men's Breakfast 10/14/17Sat7:30AM
  Fall Harvest Festival10/14/17Sat1:00PM
  Christian Stronghold Choir Anniversary10/15/17Sun7:00PM
  Bible Study - 7:30PM / Prayer Meeting - 8:30PM10/18/17Wed7:30PM
  The Lighthouse10/22/17Sun7:00PM
  Bible Study - 7:30PM / Prayer Meeting - 8:30PM10/25/17Wed7:30PM
  2017 Parents and Teens Conference10/27/17Fri6:00PM
  The Lighthouse10/29/17Sun7:00PM
  Church Neighborhood Evangelism10/29/17Sun4:00PM
  Bible Study - 7:30PM / Prayer Meeting - 8:30PM11/1/17Wed7:30PM
  Church Business Meeting11/2/17Thu7:00PM
  Holy Communion Worship Service11/5/17Sun7:00PM
  Bible Study - 7:30PM / Prayer Meeting - 8:30PM11/8/17Wed7:30PM
  Men's Breakfast 11/11/17Sat7:30AM
  Praise Dance Anniversary11/12/17Sun7:00PM
  Bible Study - 7:30PM / Prayer Meeting - 8:30PM11/15/17Wed7:30PM
  Mission's Conference11/17/17Fri
  Thanksgiving Worship Service11/22/17Wed7:30PM
  Thanksgiving Day - Church Building & Office Closed11/23/17Thu
  Church Building & Office Closed11/24/17Fri
  The Lighthouse11/26/17Sun7:00PM
  Bible Study - 7:30PM / Prayer Meeting - 8:30PM11/29/17Wed7:30PM
  Holy Communion & Pastor's Wed. Night Bible Study Anniversary12/3/17Sun7:00PM
  Bible Study - 7:30PM / Prayer Meeting - 8:30PM12/6/17Wed7:30PM
  Men's Breakfast 12/9/17Sat7:30AM
  The Lighthouse12/10/17Sun7:00PM
  Bible Study - 7:30PM / Prayer Meeting - 8:30PM12/13/17Wed7:30PM
  Christmas Program12/17/17Sun6:00PM
  Bible Study - 7:30PM / Prayer Meeting - 8:30PM12/20/17Wed7:30PM
  Church Building & Office Closed12/22/17Fri
  Church Building & Office Closed12/23/17Sat
  Christmas Day - Church Building & Office CLOSED12/25/17Mon
  Bible Study - 7:30PM / Prayer Meeting - 8:30PM12/27/17Wed7:30PM
  New Year's Eve Worship Service12/31/17Sun10:00PM
  New Year's Day - Church Building & Office Closed1/1/18Mon
  Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday - Church Office & Building Closed1/15/18Mon
  Marriage for a Lifetime Getaway8/9/18Thu